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Russian Honey Cake

“Two weeks away it feels like the world should’ve changed
But I’m home now
And things still look the same…

Try to forget for one more night
That I’m back in my flat on the road
Where the cars never stop going through the night
To real life where I can’t watch the sunset…”

- Sand In My Shoes by Dido

Last evening we received a very generous gift from our friend, a Samsung 32” LCD TV that is almost as long as our dining table.

It was a genuinely nice surprise, and because it can read digital channels as well, I saw a funny Japanese variety show dubbed in Italian. I used to be really hooked on that program, where contestants have to face challenges like crossing an unstable bridge with a ball while being shot at with other balls by the incorrigible hosts. I think I was still watching it up till the early 2000s. How funny that time just slips away like that.

Anyway, while out to run for 8km yesterday, I saw my favorite dog of the moment - a purebred Japanese Akita! She gave me a little doggie kiss and it really made my day, enough to spur me to bake a Russian Honey Cake when I came back.

I love the simplicity of this cake. There’s no butter or margarine or oil involved, so it is almost without fat. Really great for that diet I’m still just daydreaming about.

One thing about this cake is that because it uses so few ingredients, the quality of each ingredient really counts. I used the best Tuscan honey, the finest rice flour, the most exotic Mauritian brown sugar and the plumpest, sweetest Australian golden raisins.

The biggest pleasure is when we offered a piece to our friend, and he liked it so much that he requested for another piece. I love being appreciated :)




1 1/2 egg
50gr brown sugar
50gr rice flour
1 tsp vanilla baking powder (lievito vanigliato)
70gr all-purpose flour
3/4 cup good honey (I used acacia)
10ml lowfat milk
1 tsp oil (olive, rice, or multigrain) (OPTIONAL)
2 tbsps raisins
1 tbsp almonds, toasted and crushed


1. Beat the egg lightly in a small bowl with a fork and mix with brown sugar.

2. Sieve the flour in a large mixing bowl and add the vanilla baking powder and then the egg mixture. Stir with a wooden spatula and then add honey and oil (optional). 

3. Using an electric whisk, cream the mixture on low speed for 3 minutes. Switch to high speed and cream for another 2 minutes until it becomes more voluminous and lighter in color, with a smooth texture that isn’t too dense. Add the raisins and milk and stir briefly.

4. Grease the bottom and sides of a plumcake mould with butter and flour. Discard excess flour. Pour the dough inside the mould and sprinkle the crushed almonds on top.

5. Bake in a preheated gas oven at 170C for at least 50 minutes, or until it becomes dark brown in color. Note that the raisins will sink to the bottom when it bakes due to its weight.